A search engine to find your customers on Twitter.

CustomerFind is a tool you can use to find your customers on Twitter. There are people out there tweeting about the problem your product solves and asking for alternatives to your competitors. People who are already looking for your solution are more likely to convert to customers and CustomerFind helps you find them.

Why would you use this tool instead of Twitter and TweetDeck? CustomerFind has features especially crafted for interacting with potential customers:

  • Keep track of people you've replied to.
  • Remove tweets you don't care about.
  • Group multiple related searches.
  • Reply with templated responses.

To get started sign in and start searching.

Oh and by the way, I'm a bootstrapper just like you and I'm still working to make CustomerFind better. If you have an idea for how I can improve it please let me know. I want to make this the best tool I can for indie hackers and bootstrappers to find customers on Twitter.

You can find me @chr15m on Indie Hackers and @mccrmx on Twitter.

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Inspired by these successful bootstrappers can build tools to help you with your marketing... I built a dashboard with all Twitter mentions of “privacy analytics” “google analytics alternative” ...I respond manually to tweets it shows and it helps me in getting my name out there.


it was really trying to find people online ... looking for those places where your people congregate ... hashtags or like searching on Twitter for different things that people were talking about, trying to find these places where people congregate...


...use Twitter search to find people that are looking for solutions to the problems that we are solving and for people talking about relevant topics... interact with many of those who are looking for an alternative...